Divine Trinity Films is proud to announce the completion of its first feature length film, Trinity. Directed by first time writer-director Bryan Caron, Trinity tells the story of a young girl coping with the pain, anger and darkness of having once been sexually abused, and at the same time shows this threat through the eyes of a nine-year-old abductee. On a secondary level, Trinity also deals with the pain of adultery, as a woman tries to understand her husband’s decisions and what she must do to end her pain. Three woman; three stories; all of which come together in an honest look at the anguish and darkness of child abuse and infidelity.

Working just weekends, Trinity was filmed entirely in San Diego over three months. “Finding locations on the budget we had was nerve-racking,” says writer/director Caron. “We started filming before we had all of our locations, some being found only a week or so before the scheduled shoot dates. But, everything worked out in the end and that’s what counts.”

The cast of Trinity includes newcomers Annemarie Pazmino, Kellsi Chischilly, Norman Black, and Amber Owens, who all brought a great passion for film and a deep respect and honesty to the story. “Annemarie would get so into her character of Natalie, that at times, after having called cut, her soul seemed dead,” says Caron. “She did an amazing job. I still can’t understand how she made it through the entire shoot.”

Bryan Caron wrote Trinity as a character study, one that would dig deep into the minds of each character and bring out the pain and darkness of someone who has found themselves with no control. “In today’s society,” Bryan says, “you see this type of incident almost daily. Abduction, rape, child abuse; millions of women and children are subject to this insanity. And hardly anything is done to keep it from happening. You’ve got rapists and child molesters being sentenced to mere months in prison. Trinity tries to show that the damage done to the victims of these crimes is a lot more dangerous than it might seem on the surface.”

After wrapping Trinity in mid-September, Bryan Caron took on the arduous task of editing the film. “Finding the time to work on editing the film was itself a challenge, but I am very happy with the result,” says Caron. “For me, it’s not how quickly you can get something done. The tortoise wins the race, so to speak. I’m a very patient person.”

Over the next few months, Trinity will be vying for festival recognition (including the San Diego Film Festival, Hollywood Film Festival and Sundance) as well as distribution. “My hope is that the people who see this film will be affected by its sincerity and respect for what a lot of people in this world have gone through,” says Caron. Adds director of photography Kurt Braun, “[Trinity] was the edgiest thing I had seen in years. There is a message in it that strikes a chord of truth.”

“Hopefully, [Trinity] can help those that were involved in an unfortunate time of their lives,” says Norman Black. “Trinity deserves to be seen by everyone.” 

To find out more on Trinity, Bryan Caron or the cast and crew, please visit www.divinetrinityfilms.com.
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