Bryan Caron's compelling and spiritually resonant new novel, Year of the Songbird, is now available. You may purchase the Kindle exclusive for only$2.99 by clicking here. To learn more about the book and to read the first chapter, click here.

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11-23-12 Divine Trinity Films' newest film, "Secrets of the Desert Nymph," is now available for purchase on DVD. To learn how you can purchase a copy, click here.

It was announced today that Bryan Caron's new novel, Year of the Songbird, will be available for purchase on December 21, 2012. The novel, an emotional journey exploring one young girl's passage from the bed of innocence to the grave of immorality, will only be available on Amazon Kindle.

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Divine Trinity FIlms has released the official poster for their new film, "Secrets of the Desert Nymph." To see the full size image, click here.

The film page has also gone live on IMDB, which you can now view by clicking here.

9-8-12 The Carson Valley Arts Council hosted the premiere of Divine Trinity Films' new feature film, "Secrets of the Desert Nymph," last night at the CVIC Hall in Minden, Nevada. The film, which played to a pretty packed house, was well-received by those in attendance, leading to a rousing applause at the end of the picture and several requests to purchase a copy of the film on DVD (check back here soon for details on how you may do this). Those that stayed after the credits ended were treated to a question & answer period with the cast and a few key crew members, who were very open about their experiences on the film. Overall, the premiere, which also included the cast and crew arriving in a procession of classic cars, was a great success and producers Donna Walden (Northern Nevada Film Factory), Brett Caron (DaVinci Design) and writer/director Bryan Caron have high hopes for the future of the film as it heads into the film festival circuit.  

The new website and full-length trailer for Divine Trinity FIlms and writer/director Bryan Caron's new feature film, "Secrets of the Desert Nymph" are now live. The site includes information about the film, it's cast and crew, as well as photos from the set and updated news about the progress of the film.

Check out the site and the trailer at www.divinetrinityfilms.com/Secrets_Desert_Nymph.
2-13-12 The teaser poster for writer/director Bryan Caron's new film, Secrets of the Desert Nymph, has just been released today. A teaser trailer for the film is set to be released next month, as well as images from the set, which you will find here upon their release. Check back often for more news and information regarding this fantastic coming of age drama.