"MY NECKLACE, MYSELF" SCENE - Fight for the Necklace
    Writer, Director, Editor, Graphic Designer    
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    Other Credits:    
  Producers: Ronald Shattuck, Donna Walden
Executive Producer: Technical Difference, Inc.
Executive Producer: Unique Films United Productions, Inc.
Cast: Julia Witschger, Christiana Minga, Derek Majewski
Project Coordinator: Adrienne Armstrong
Director of Photography: Ronald Shattuck
  Music: Kyle McNeill
Makeup: Ena Boleno
Hair: Joanne Dashiell
Wardrobe: Heidi Schneider
Camera: Ronald Shattuck, Peter Hulst, Charles Shattuck






  *Film picked up for distribution by Around the Scenes Releasing and FilmWorks Entertainment.  
  Best Screenplay, Short Film (2009 Treasure Coast International Film Festival);
Finalist (2nd Place), Best Drama, Short Film
(2009 International Family Film Festival)